Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Traditio: William F. Buckley, Jr. and Ronald Reagan

If you are a political junkie as I am, you have probably noticed that it is nearly impossible to find commentators and interviewers (particularly in the main stream) who know what they are talking about, yet alone those who ask substantive questions of those they interview. It is often infuriating to me to watch hosts such as Bill O'Reilly, Rachel Maddow, Sean Hannity and others not only not behave in a way unbecoming of journalists, but also not showing proper respect for their guests. Constantly there is interruptions, insults, and bickering and hardly ever any noteworthy conversation. 

I thought in today's traditio we could go back in time a little to when things were different. William F. Buckley was a conservative after my own heart, founder of the National Review, possessor of a magnificent voice and outstanding vocabulary, as well as perhaps the best interviewer I have ever seen. His show Firing Line was a masterpiece for many years, and Buckley was always a gracious host who never interrupted his guest (whether he agreed with them or not) and allowed them time to fully articulate their respective views. 

In this interview,  Buckley interviews Ronald Reagan, who at the time was the former governor of California and a candidate for the Republican nomination for the United States presidency. I hope you all enjoy listening to these two great men.

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