Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday traditio- William Lane Craig vs. Antony Flew

My friend Scott Dodge has a weekly clip on his blog which he call the "Friday Traditio" (he uses Latin because he is a Roman Catholic Deacon). The traditio is a video, usually a music video, of some type of music that he enjoys. I must admit that while I admire Scott's dedication to put a video up, I am not the biggest fan of his musical taste. But I digress.

As the sub-heading of my blog states, this blog is about philosophy, science, religion, and politics. So, I will be borrowing Scott's idea and post a video or lecture relating to these topics each week. The video will either be a talk by a philosopher, scientist, religious leader, or a debate between philosophers.

For this weeks traditio, we will look back to one of the best debates I have seen over whether or not God exists. The first participant is William Lane Craig, a noted Christian philosopher, theologian, apologist, and current research professor at Talbot School of Theology. You can see his research and commentary here on his website. The other participant is Antony Flew, one of my favorite philosophers, who is now deceased. While Flew was for most of his career an outspoken atheist (and according one of his books the most notorious atheist in the world), he later converted to deism, which is the view that God exists but does not intervene in the world. At the time this debate took place he was still an atheist.


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