Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Message To President Obama

As he contemplates losing the United States Senate next week as well having more Republican gains in the United States House of Representatives, I hope that President Barack Obama looks back at the last six years and asks himself "Where did it go wrong?"

I am by no stretch of the imagination a supporter of the President, but I can point out where his administration took a downward. It was his handling of health care. Had he been an experienced politician, he would have started with the idea of a single payer plan, which would not have passed. But, the compromise would have been a public option, so he would have scored a major victory and been able to perhaps run on a single payer system for his second term.

Unfortunately, Mr. Obama is still very much a rookie in the political field, so he started with a public option. Ironically, this did not have enough Democratic support, so neither a public option or a single-payer plan are part of the massive failure known to the world as ObamaCare. Rather, we have a mix of RomneyCare and DoleCare, along with nearly 400 pages of regulations. While 10 million people gained health insurance, nearly 30 million either lost their insurance or they had their premium rates nearly double. Thanks Barack!

We need real leadership in this country starting in 2016. Lets look for people who have a proven record of getting things done rather than just a good orator that could make buying an ownership in the New York Mets seem like a plausible and great idea. Chris Christie anyone?

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