Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Word of Caution

Every time I watch any sort of news dealing with the 2016 Presidential election, two names seem to re-occur regularly: perennial candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and Dr. Ben Carson.

It is understandable why both of these people are frequently mentioned. Both are exciting, energetic orators. Both are minorities. Both are educated, articulate, and driven. Both seem to have ideas to move this country in on e direction or in the complete opposite direction.

As a philosopher, may I offer a brief word of caution on both these candidates? First, allow me to offer a brief critique on Mr. Carson. A look at recent history would show why we should be very cautious in regard to this man. Remember that in 2004 a young man named Barack Obama delivered a amazing speech at the Democratic Convention. Stunning the entire country, this unknown man went from a lowly Illinois State to Democratic Nominee all the way to the White house. How has that worked out? I will leave that to the reader to decide.

Yes, some will say, but Dr. Carson is not Obama. He may not be, but he will have to deal with very similar circumstances to him if he were to take office in 2016. Also, Carson has no political experience; this would be a complete learning on the job for him and the Presidency of the United States is not a job to learn on the run (again, look at Mr. Obama).

The only reason that Carson is even mentioned in this race is based on pure potential. None of his merit is based on actually accomplishing anything, except telling off the president while he happened to be sitting there. Our next Commander in Chief needs to be someone who has proven to be a leader in crisis, someone who has been successful in an executive position, and someone who understands the Constitution of the United States. Dr. Carson has only proven to do one of those things, and there are others who can do the job much better than he can who are prepared.

Now in regard to Mrs. Clinton, she is the exact same as Obama, having served in his cabinet. She has not criticized the President at all and has not indicated that if elected she would drastically change what is currently happening. In essence her election would be a third term for President Obama. Lets follow the words of Mrs. Clinton's husband at the 2008 Democratic National Convention : "Thanks, but no thanks. In this election the third time is not the charm." Well said Bill.

I urge both liberals and conservatives to look seriously analyze all potential candidates and look for the candidate who would be the strongest leader and clearest thinker, not just the person who is most popular.


  1. With so many uneducated voters, it seems like a popularity contest.

  2. Voting is immoral and violates the agency of other people. You have a right to vote for yourself to be a subject, to be forced to obey rulers and to be told what you can and can't do, by them, but you have absolutely no right to vote for any other person to be subject to the same.
    No person has any right to force another person to obey them. Government is based on force and is completely immoral in its actions.