Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

While watching Family Guy the other day, a cut scene happened with legendary director Steven Spielberg pitching a new movie to a producer. When told what the plot of the movie would be, the producer replied "You're not even trying anymore are you?"

While this made me laugh, it did get me to think about the big picture (no pun intended) of films that have come out recently. Most of them are not new ideas; they are mostly a re-make or a spin-off of a film already made. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a fine example of this, coming out 7 years since the last series of Spider-Man released a video.

Well, lets get to the review itself. I am just going to be frank: This film is a disgrace to the Spider-Man genre.

First, I am not even really sure what the plot was. There were so many sub-plots that even major critics themselves said that the film was "about nothing". While some of the sub-plots were interesting, they did not take away from the fact that there was no real one.

Second, I am not sure who the casting director was, but he/she needs to be fired. It is clear that they do not understand who Peter Parker/Spider-Man really is. According to the comics (which i loved as a child), Parker is a nerdy teenager, one no one would think of as a superhero. Who was cast as this person? Andrew Garfield, a man who if you put a suit on him would be on the cover of GQ magazine. Not exactly a nerd, more like a very popular kid who just became more popular. Garfield pales in comparison to Tobey Maguire, who played the role in the previous franchise and brought the Peter Parker of the comics to life.

Emma Stone is not mesmerizing as Gwen Stacy, but she is mesmerizing to look at. Perhaps this is what held the movie together fore me. No wait, that would be the new Harry/ Green Goblin. While not given a whole lot of screen time, he was a great addition to an otherwise boring and dull cast.

Not that the movie was totally worthless. The special effects were very well done and some of the sub-plots were inventive. But who cares what a sub-plot is when there isnt a real plot?

Grade: C

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