Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Most Important Part of the Temple Endowment

1 year ago today, the Lord Jesus Christ, acting through his servant President Robert F. Fillmore, laid his hands upon my head and set me apart as an ordinance worker in the Salt Lake Temple. Among other things that were said in the blessing, one that I remember was that I should prepare in every possible way to see the Savior, as he was often in the temple.

1 year has come and gone, and I have not yet had the opportunity to meet the Savior in the flesh. However, I have learned what I must do to see him. It is the entire purpose of the temple endowment: for a person, male or female, to learn the ways of the Lord and after proving worthy, to converse with him as a man converses with a friend.

The name of this post is called "The Most Important Part of the Temple Endowment" and it is this simple line that is spoken early on : "You must consider yourselves as if you were respectively Adam and Eve".

Often times people believe that the endowment is merely a re-enactment of what has gone on in a previous era, and is only incidentally related to us. While it is true it is a re-enactment of past events, it much more than that. The temple endowment is an enactment of your life and my life. Once we can comprehend this basic principle, then we are on the path to truly learn from the ceremony.

But how is the endowment your life? Simple. Before this world, along with others, you participated with your Heavenly Father and his beloved Son in the creation of the world. You came to this Earth ave forgotten all, and now are proving yourself worthy to return to your Father and to be as he is. Simply put, you are exactly the same as Adam and Eve.

The temple is the Lord's graduate course, and all graduate students know one thing: You never stop learning. In the Lord's house, it should be no different. And if you remember that you are as Adam and Eve, you will never leave the sanctuary without your vision extended and knowing what the goal is.

Your endowment is not complete until the Lord comes and personally visits you and instructs you.


  1. I love that you focus on the learning aspect of the temple and ordinances in the temple. It is so important. Thanks.

  2. Easy in principle, difficult in practice. But I agree with you.