Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review of " Fire on the Horizon: A Mediation on the Endowment and Love of Atonement"

If there are two things all Latter-day Saints love, it is the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the temple. Whether young or old, these subjects often seem to be at the center of our discussion in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is as it should be; neither is truly complete without the other.

However, while we seem to love both of these subjects, we do not seem to know much about them, collectively or individually. This is not to say that we do not have good experiences with them, but we never seem to delve deep into what they are and how they relate to each other. This shouldn't surprise us to much; Latter-day Saints seem to love to avoid deep discussion.

But, as I said, these two things are inseparably connected. Yet no one up until now has written or talked about this idea at length. Enter Blake T. Ostler.

For those who unfamiliar with him, Ostler is an American philosopher and theologian. I consider him to be the most original writer in Mormonism to day; a true intellectual. He takes the scriptures to new heights.

In his book "Fire on the Horizon: A Mediation on the Endowment and Love of Atonement", Ostler shows our relationship to God in a way that few others have ever said. He defines our relationship with deity on a personal level that will take away the veil of fear of approaching the throne of grace.

However, his greatest work in the book has to do with how the endowment is truly our life in short form, and shows how we can each receive more from the temple than we are currently getting.

The only problem with Ostler's work (if any) is that he has not been a temple worker, so he can't shed light on that aspect. This would make his writing a little more personal. But besides that, I would highly recommend his work to anyone interested in the atonement and temple worship.

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